A Message From Sunland President, Carl Jackson
carlWelcome to our website. Hopefully you’ll find it easy to navigate and a valuable tool in your assessment of Sunland Fire Protection. The value that Sunland Fire Protection provides is not found in the prices of the pipe, fittings, or alarm devices  that we provide and install. These are merely commodities for which the values are largely determined by supply and demand. Our true value lies in our experience, our vast knowledge of the industry, our commitment to quality, and our valued customer relationships.

Since our founding in 1978, we haven’t survived because we were able to provide components cheaper than our competitors. We aren’t merely a commodity broker; we are a professional service organization. As such, we are working hard every day to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations through systematic improvements. Your expectations of us are as varied as responding to emergency calls 24/7/365, providing 3D design services, performing cost consulting, providing underground and fire extinguisher services, and installing and inspecting fire sprinkler and fire alarm systems. Outstanding delivery of these services is the key to our success. Let us show you how we can provide positive results for you.

Our customer service ideals are defined in our values: PASSION INTEGRITY COMMITMENT QUALITY. Sunland’s  mission is to “focus our talent and resources on saving lives and property by delivering a consistent quality customer experience and promoting employee personal growth”.

If you are a current business partner or employee, I appreciate your contributions to our success. If you are in search of a fire protection services company, please give us a try. I’m sure it will be beneficial for all.


Carl Jackson,